Study Tip: Start Fresh with a New Semester!

Win ‘A’ Grades – Study Tips to A Strong Semester

  • Organize your schedule: Create an easy-to-follow study schedule for the time you are not in school. Include weekend time to maximize your free time, stay focused, and complete your work.


  • Look over problems you had last semester and write a plan for improvement. 


  • Set goals: Set specific goals for each class. This can include the grade you want and the tasks you need to do, like ask your teacher for help and work ahead to accomplish your goals. 


  • Improve your note taking so that you create a system that works best for your learning needs. Do you like to use highlighters when reading or a pen to take notes in the margin? Do you like to draw out mind maps to help you better understand abstract concepts in literature, biology or economics? 


  • Seek clarification: Actively engage your teacher, smart trustworthy classmates or an intelligent, kind tutor to ensure you understand the learning material. Do not sit back and hope the material magically infuses into your brain. Make learning your priority, practice, and take action. 

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“Believe in yourself and all that you are. Know that there is something inside you that is greater than any obstacle,” Christian Larson 

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