15+ Tips for Your Kids to Find Success with Online Learning

Google Classroom, Zoom, Virtual Collaboration and More! Are your children learning online for the first time? Did you know that more than 48 million people around the world learn through online courses now?! As a former English teacher who now teaches teens through distance learning, I’ve had much fun working in the online space with my students to help enhance critical thinking and writing skills – but, it wasn’t always easy at first! After trying to help my own children navigate the new waters of online learning, I put together these tips to help organize and inspire other parents. Based on research and best practices from the online learning community, please use these go-to study tips to help your kids find success. Specifically you will:

  • Help your kids feel more comfortable and organized
  • Keep up with their assignments
  • Have fun with their new online learning
  1. Keep the primary assignments as a top priority – write these down and keep front and center
  2. Maintain strong communication with your teacher and classmates – err on the side of more communication
  3. Ask questions
  4. Participate in online classroom discussions
  5. Edit and proofread your written communication to increase clarity
  6. Take breaks to increase focus and motivation
  7. Separate school classes physically and mentally
  8. Set goals for completion
  9. Actively take notes
  10. Do one thing at a time
  11. Get outside and move
  12. Make notes by writing on pen and paper: this helps retaining knowledge better than just typing on a device
  13. Turn on captions and subtitles when watching video tutorials: (They are useful to everyone and reading them while listening helps with retaining the information)
  14. Minimize screen distractions:
    • Close all browser tabs and windows that are not being used
    • Turn off all notifications from emails and social media
    • Enter full screen for the browser and documents
    • Ensure to use a notebook and pen
  15. Again: Do ONE thing at a time.

This last tip means a lot to me as I tend to have 9 tabs up at once and feel my brain’s attention splitting in many directions. I know, multitasking is less productive than focusing on a single task at a time. Researchers from Stanford University found that “People who are regularly bombarded with several streams of electronic information cannot pay attention, recall information, or switch from one job to another as well as those who complete one task at a time.” Help your children stay focused on one assignment at a time. They will not only learn more information but finish their homework than by thinking they are tackling three to four activities at once. Stay safe and healthy and look for the good. “Life isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass, it’s about learning how to dance in the rain.” – Vivian Greene All my best, Amy ♥

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