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Amy Haskell, Writing Specialist 

College essay writing coaching for your teen. Writing tutoring for you teen for high school success.

You believe in the importance of life long writing skills. My team and I will help! 

– Expertise: Taught over 1,000 teens writing, from freshman in high school to college seniors. 

– Trust: 20+ years teaching experience, Rising Star 2021 Women Business Owner, Finalist, Charlotte, NC

– Authority on college admission essay writing, high school essays and graduate school applications.

Hello! I’m an English teacher turned entrepreneur, from the suburbs of Chicago IL, transplanted to Charlotte, NC.

I love to help teens find success with writing.  

My teaching experience reveals that even the most gifted students lack the personalized attention to succeed with writing, given their busy lives, their teacher’s focus on many other students in a classroom, and their reliance on technology. 

I’ve dedicated my professional life to help kids believe in their strengths and to teach them how to put these thoughts on paper to earn “A” grades and get into college.

Finally, teens and tell me they most enjoy, other than winning college admissions and improved grades, how they feel motivated and inspired to set goals, watch grades soar and enjoy the writing process.

Ultimately, when teens connect with who they are and how they see the world, they gain clarity, increase energy, and develop extraordinary success – with their writing and with their lives. 

So get ready, let’s write! 


When I’m not busy helping high school students excel with their writing, you can find me soaking up as much time as possible with my husband and our four children.  

I’m also a distance runner turned master swimmer and relate my struggles to complete a workout to help motivate  my students as they complete their essays…and to help make them laugh.

I may be slow in the pool… but I love every second of the challenge and relate my continual growth to inspire and motivate your teens to find happiness. 

Be your teen’s hero during the college admission process:

Completed college applications Outstanding college essays, submitted on time.

Fortified in my mission to provide teenage students with the unique opportunity to enhance their writing skills, set achievable goals, and develop emotional confidence.  I created educational programs that yield better grades and college admissions. 

From Charlotte, North Carolina to Winnetka, IL, my students learn to create powerful college admission essays, win scholarships, and boost their grades withOUT parents having to be the hovering, nervous-but-well-intentioned arm-chair teacher. 


Ultimately, it’s your teen that tells the story, with college admission essays, not me. Beware: your teen’s writing skills will sky rocket and grow like never before.


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