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Created by Amy Haskell

Meet Amy and the Total Writing Team

You want exceptional writing tutoring for your teen to succeed.

We provide high quality instruction to students from high school through graduate school.

Personalized 1:1 coaching and teaching.

Amy Haskell Writing Specialist, from Wilmette, IL to Charlotte, NC 

Hello! I founded my company to help you, parents, help your teens expand their skills to achieve happiness. 

My team and I provide exceptional writing teaching for teens, so that they boost grades and build life long writing skills to achieve their goals.

Your parent-teen relationship remains a positive effect too when grades improve and college acceptances soar. Expansive happiness for you.  

One student told me, when I first began tutoring in Charlotte, NC, “Mrs. Haskell, I learned more about writing from you in one hour than in two years of high school English class!” His improves skills gave him “A” grades on essays, his confidence grew, he smiled, so did mom.

When I first started tutoring, a parent from Winnetka, IL shared with me, “Amy, your writing tutoring has given peace to our entire family,” and the family felt happy. 

I knew I needed to help more students. 

– Expertise: Taught over 1,000 teens from freshman in high school to college seniors. 

– Trust: 20+ years teaching experience, Rising Star 2021, 2022 Women Business Owner Finalist, Charlotte, NC.

– Authority on college admission essay writing, high school essays and graduate school applications.

Even the most gifted students with the best teachers, can lack the personalized attention to succeed with writing, given their busy lives and the reliance on technology. 

Your teen, like you, has a story; but, the problem, many times, is how to help teens see the story and learn specific technique to elevate their skill to clearly communicate. 

My step by step process helps bring the story to life. Strategy plus individual attention creates incredible results for students.

They feel happy. They feel empowered. They feel motivated. 

From reading hundreds of stories as a young child with my mom, I believe everyone has a fascinating story that guides thoughts, beliefs, and actions.

Even during challenging times, the silver lining exists. The life lesson waits to be learned. 

Ultimately, when teens connect with who they are and how they see the world, they gain clarity, increase energy, and develop extraordinary success – with their writing and their lives. 

So get ready, let’s write! Email us now! info@totalwritingenrichment.com 

From the North Shore of Chicago to Charlotte, North Carolina, my team and I are here to help your motivated teen write outstanding essays.

When I’m not busy helping students excel with their writing, you can find me soaking up time with my husband and four children.  

I’m also a distance runner turned master swimmer and relate my struggles to complete a swim workout to help motivate my students as they complete their essays…and to help make them laugh.

I may be slow in the pool… but I love every second of the challenge and relate my growth to inspire your teen to find happiness. 

Meet The Total Writing Team

Kerry Gilrane

Kerry is a proud graduate of Georgetown University.

She has cultivated future college students in her former role as an Alumni Admissions Program Interviewer and now helps prepare prospective students for success with college interviews.

If your son or daughter needs a boost in effective interview skills for college admissions, Kerry is your coach! Your teen will quickly learn the most essential verbal as well as non-verbal techniques to make a positive impression with college and graduate program interviews.

Kea Gorden, PhD

Kea brings a depth of research and academic experience to our team at Total Writing Enrichment.

Total Writing receive the benefits of Kea’s knowledge in latest educational research trends. Having taught at the College of Charleston, Kea  continues to nurture her love for reading, writing, and sharing best practices to enhance our tutoring programs for the college bound teen.

Kea’s studies while pursuing her undergraduate degree at Cornell University and PhD at the University of California at Santa Cruz gives a wealth of overseas experience and immersion at multiple levels of higher education.

Be your teen’s hero during the college admission process:


Completed college applications Outstanding college essays, submitted on time.

Fortified in my mission to provide teenage students with the unique opportunity to enhance their writing skills, set achievable goals, and develop emotional confidence.  I created educational programs that yield better grades and college admissions. 

From Charlotte, North Carolina to Winnetka, IL, to locations all over the United States, our students learn to create powerful college admission essays, win scholarships, and boost their grades without parents having to be the hovering, nervous-but-well-intentioned arm-chair teacher. 


We also know that college admission and school success is about more than good grades and high achievements. It’s about who students are and what instruction they receive to make their goals come alive. It’s about their skill development, their goals and their connection.

We help your teens achieve their goals through our teaching, both personal 1:1, small group workshops, online programs and proven educational strategies. We are teens’ teachers and mentors, we are part of your family team.


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