Total Writing Enrichment and Amy Haskell 

“The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.” E. Roosevelt

  give,  I don’t just teach…I inspire. 

Amy Haskell, Founder, Teacher, Mom, Coach, Mentor.

My mother taught inner city Chicago high school students to travel the world in their minds, every day in her geography class. From the lush green of Zimbabwe, Africa to the crisp, cold fjords of Norway, she confidently instructed her students by leading with the motto: “If we can’t travel to these places in person right now, then let’s learn as much as we can and imagine we are there!”

My mom taught me from a young age what it meant to truly care for others and she wore a red, smiley face big pin, a big piece of jewelry on her shirt every day to school as she commented, “Amy, If I can bring a smile to at least one of these students faces, during the time they spend in my class, I’ve done my educational job for the day.”  

It was her dedication to not only scholarly excellence-but the emotional health-of her students that sparked an unstoppable drive in myself to do the same with my own students.  

For over 15 incredible years, I taught English literature, creative writing, persuasive writing, public speaking, and college admission essay writing to students spanning all walks of life and levels of learning at a large, public, excellent high school in the northern suburbs of Chicago.

This high school consistently earns the highest ACT/SAT scores in the state and never “taught to the test,” but earns top rankings through incredibly dedicated teachers, parents and kids who value education and hard work, and a diverse, engaging curriculum rich with connections to students and the lives they live today.   

However, I found that even the most exceptional students lack the personalized attention to ensure they are capable of writing with style, organization, and specificity given their busy lives, given their teacher’s focus on 25+ students in a classroom. 

I found that even the most intelligent, caring parents do not have the experience or time to teach the most helpful writing skills and feel nervous about jeopardizing their relationship with their teens.

I found that the number of college applicants has skyrocketed over the past 15+ years and continues to grow clearly causing worry, fear, and uncertainty from parents about their kids’ success given this competition. 

When parents allow me to help guide their teen to improve writing and to create winning college admissions essays, immediately parents feel better as they continue to live the life they dreamed: one of harmony with their children knowing their kids feel more calm, happy, and in control of their future. 


When I’m not busy helping high school students excel with their writing, you can find me soaking up as much time as possible with my husband Rick and our four children, Emily, Molly, William, and Sarah.  Inspiring teens isn’t my only passion, either. 

I’m also a distance runner turned master swimmer and love to relate my struggles to complete a workout to help motivate the teens I work with (and serve as a source of humor!) as they complete their essays. I may be slow in the pool… but I love every second of the challenge. 

Yes, you read that right: even EXCEPTIONAL STUDENTS can be stopped in their tracks from achieving school success. And this absolutely finds its way into their college admission writing process.

That’s where You come in, parent, to find help and happiness.

Fortified in my mission to provide teenage students with the unique opportunity to enhance their writing skills, set achievable goals, and develop emotional confidence.  I created educational programs that yield better grades and college admissions. 

My students learn to create powerful college admission essays, win scholarships, and boost their grades withOUT parents having to be the hovering, nervous-but-well-intentioned teacher. 


Ultimately, it’s your child that tells the story, with college admission essays, not me. And in my 15+ years, every success story still gives me goosebumps.


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