Hi, I’m Amy!

I teach college-bound teens how to write exceptional college admission essays so that they gain acceptance to the college of their choice.

It’s not about telling kids what to write or feeding them words to use to express their ideas but guiding kids through our easy-to-understand process on how to reveal their most unique strengths and qualities so that they can shine in the eyes of the colleges. Your kids deserve it. If you are ready to give your teen the best chance at college admissions, please click here to find out more!

Kelly Dumser

“We love Amy and Total Writing Enrichment. BOTH my boys got into their dream schools. Amy offers just the right combo of technology and personal teaching. We totally recommend her online programs and tutoring!”

Kellie Dumser
Charlotte Catholic High School parent, Charlotte, NC



So that your teen stays calm, confident, and organized while writing the best essays of his/her life!


Write and Complete Your College Admission Essays Roadmap 101

The only course of its kind that not only shows teens exactly how to create and complete their college admission essays like savvy writers— but how to make them shine in the eyes of the colleges so that they stand the best chance of admission.

A self guided course

Gain immediate access so that your teen can start writing those essays!


Write and Complete Your College Admission Essays Masterclass

This Masterclass is our best selling service. Students receive all of the lessons and tutorials in the Roadmap 101 course PLUS, they benefit from weekly LIVE Q & A sessions, Live teaching sessions and One Full Essay Review - students and teens love the guidance, feedback, and foundation they receive to find success with their essays.

Once you are a member of this course, your teen will have access to our Continuity Program, where he/she will continue to participate in our weekly live office hours and receive up to four reviews for supplemental essays. Offered on a monthly basis.


Work one-on-one with a writing team member to complete college essays!

Spend 60 minutes on a video call with us, troubleshooting specific issues or getting answers to questions about your college admission essays.

Does your teen have questions about what to write about for college essays, creating a captivating introduction, or showcasing the best of what they have to offer in beautiful written form?

Do your teen feel like he/she is drowning in information and ideas but not exactly sure the best path to take for essays?

Have you tried to sit down with your son or daughter but feel lost and frustrated?

This 60 minutes is dedicated to your child.

Course Members

Hourly one-on-one college admission essay writing

Non-Course Members

Hourly one-on-one college admission essay writing

Kellie Rush

“Amy does a great job on common application essay topics with Virginia using the efficiency of video conferencing and timetables. It is hard to know your role as a parent, but I felt comfortable sitting back because I knew that Amy would work thru the process with Virginia. I view Amy’s role as a partner to us through the daunting process of writing important essays as part of the college application process.”

Kellie Rush
Myers Park High School Parent


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