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We help parents of motivated teens by helping their teens write outstanding essays that win admission and scholarships and parents don’t even lift a pen!  

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What’s the problem with your teen’s writing skills today? 

Honestly, how much quality writing instruction do students really receive so that they learn to produce exceptional essays? 

Many high school students, by the time they reach senior year, do not have a strong writing foundation, even the most dedicated, motivated students. Then they need to write outstanding essays for college applications and they feel lost. Their feelings are well founded. Let me help. 

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“Amy Haskell does a great job guiding students on college application essays and it’s hard to know your role as a parent. I felt comfortable sitting back because I knew Amy would work through the process successfully with my daughter. ”

Kellie Rush, Charlotte NC
Myers Park High School Parent, College Admission Essay program

 About Amy

Hi, I’m Amy Haskell, Founder of Total Writing Enrichment. I teach kids to “write well,” yes, but more than that, I empower them to believe in their unique writing ability by mastering skills and growing confidence. It’s my firm belief—supported by teaching over thousands of students- that every student has a beautiful story and by receiving skills-based coaching – our students’ essays always leave a positive impression with their colleges of choice and with their English teacher!

Best of all, our students feel motivated, happy, and secure with their college applications plus their growing writing skills!

 “Student success in the classroom and with college admissions can easily be improved with a few simple good habits.”

our mission

We can help any  motivated student learn to better connect with their classes, learn basic and sophisticated writing skills, and improve grades in high school. These skills lead to learning the most essential ingredients of college admission essays and success in collegiate writing.  That’s what we do every day at Total Writing Enrichment. The result? College admission essays and high school English papers your child is proud to call their own—and creative, organized writing that gets your teen into college.

How exciting is it to be standing on the doorstep of your teen’s next big journey? With just one more pit stop along the way, the fast-track to educational success… and a mailbox full of acceptance letters!


“We love Amy and Total Writing Enrichment. BOTH my boys got into their dream colleges. Amy offers just the right combo of technology and personal teaching. We totally recommend her programs and tutoring!”


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From the first draft to the last word on every essay your high school senior has committed to writing, our your student will receive exceptional guidance every step of the way to brainstorm exceptional essay topics, organize the writing process, hone technical skills, and successfully write captivating essays—often ahead of deadlines.

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Just getting started with the college admission process? Go behind-the-scenes of the college application process with easy-to-use techniques, top strategies for boosting academic success, and other free tools to empower your student.

 Success Stories

Nothing brings us more joy than the success of our students both in the high school classroom and with their college acceptances. Take a look at some of our favorite kind words from students and their families that have studied their way to a YES! with Total Writing Enrichment.

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You’ve guided them this far—let us teach your teen the rest of the way to write the best college essays!

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