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College Admission Essay Writing 

Ready to be your high school teen’s hero?

Here’s how we can help:

Goal orientated, friendly 1:1 individual writing coaching and personalized feedback for your teen on every college essay so your teen writes their own essay, meets college application due dates, and boosts overall college application!

Given these uncertain times with college admissions, creativity and sophistication with writing skills hold more weight than ever before for college acceptance.

Your senior will learn how to chose the best topics, write—and FINISH—all college admission essays before college application deadlines. 

Parents – we work best with motivated students who want to own THEIR writing and work hard. 

The College Admission Essay Writing Program Is An Ideal Fit If:

  • Your teen needs to write outstanding essays for college acceptance without you stepping in and trying to play the role of writing teacher and college essay tutor.
  • You know your teen will feel better with personalized feedback on college essays and coaching along the way to build confidence and feel relieved– so you can live in greater peace and harmony together. Enjoy senior year! 
  • You value exceptional education and know the importance of effective writing skills for college applications, every college major, and any career.


“This college essay writing guidance took the stress out of college applications for me…My daughter and son completed their Common App essays before senior year started!”

– Eddie Carter, Providence High School Parent, Charlotte, NC

Writing Tutoring Services for Teens


1) The Ace Your Essays Writing Club

Time offered: August through June! 

– Your teen will receive outstanding tutoring for school essays: Junior theme, research papers, literature analysis essays – master those skills!

– Watch grades soar and stress melt! 


2) Summer enrichment writing tutoring for your freshman through junior.

Time offered: June, July, August! 

– Give your teen the gift of mastering the skills needed to earn “A” grades on English class essays in the fall without the pressure of other school classes and enjoy the creativity summer brings to thinking and writing.

– Your teen will receive a personalized approach to writing, study their summer reading book, and start the next school year super strong knowing exactly the skills needed to succeed!     


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High School Writing Programs

Writing coaching for freshman through seniors. 

Enrich skills,  improve classroom performance, boost skills and college admission.


School Year High School Monthly Writing Support

Engage your student in writing tutoring through our  monthly program that offers your student a flexible, efficient structure and builds writing skills so that grades soar, stress decreases, and college prep writing begins now!

The Ace Your Essays Writing Club Is Ideal For High School Students and Offers:

  • Writing instruction for current English class assignments.
  • Writing enrichment teaching and instruction.
  • Thesis statements and writing techniques.
  • Writing across genres: persuasive, narrative, expository.

Want to apply for the monthly support program for the school year?

*Please note, this program works best for motivated students*

“Our son, Ryan got accepted to every college he applied. He finished all of his college essays on time! He found out more about himself from Amy’s and her team’s writing instruction and felt excited to actually write the essays

Our daughter Paige loved working with Amy and was accepted to her number one choice of college – and, she had a lot of fun while learning more about writing!”

– Jenny Peshina, Malvern Ohio

Summer Enrichment Programs

Your student will develop life-long writing skills to excel throughout the remainder of their educational career—and well into their college admission writing process.

Summer 2022 Programs – registration will begin in February 2022 for rising freshman, sophomores, and juniors! 

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