Does your teen need to boost performance in English class and write winning college application essays?   

 We teach teens how to use their minds to create good habits and learn essential skills to earn excellent grades in English class and get accepted to college and graduate school.

In other words… We help set your Teen up for success!

For a 1:1 consultation to determine the best program for your teenage student, please connect with us here.

 Total Writing Enrichment makes essay writing easy and fun!

In other words… We help set your student up for success!

For a 1:1 consultation to determine the best program for your teenage student, please connect with us here.

College Admission Essay Writing 

Your senior will learn how to write—and FINISH—all college admission essays before college application deadlines through 1:1 personable tutoring, detailed essay review, and the best instruction available.

The College Admission Essay Writing Program Is An Ideal Fit If:

  • Your teen needs to write outstanding essays for college acceptance without stress.
  • Your teen wants 1:1 teaching, personalized feedback on writing, and savvy writing skills to succeed in college.
  • You understand the value of giving your teen the best education available.


“The college essay writing program took the stress out of college applications for me…My daughter completed her Common App essay the summer before senior year started!”

– Eddie Carter, Providence High School Parent, Charlotte, NC

Personalized Tutoring

While many students thrive independently, others crave 1:1 tutoring and a customized approach to their essay writing strategy. If you, or your child, believes they will benefit from personalized tutoring, this would include:

  • Brainstorming essay topics and story-telling outlines.
  • A comprehensive review of their essays.
  • Final approval of their drafts to ensure your senior submits exemplary essays that convey their story, unique qualities, and capabilities.

In College Admission Essay Writing Program but still want 1:1 tutoring? Great news! You will receive a discounted rate as a member of the program

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High School Writing Programs

You don’t have to wait until your child’s senior year to invest in educational excellence! Whether your student is currently struggling in English or you simply have a “head start mentality”, we can work with your freshman through junior to advance their writing skills, improve their classroom performance, and set healthy goals to ensure a pain-free college admission process their senior year.


Monthly Writing Support

Engage your student in continued writing tutoring and support through our one-of-a-kind monthly program that connects with your student in a flexible, efficient structure.

This Monthly Writing Support Program Is Ideal For High School Students That Prioritize:

  • Writing instruction and guidance for their current English class assignments.
  • Experienced help formulating their thesis statements and writing topics.
  • Improving their current English class grades or writing skills.

Want to apply for the monthly support program for the school year?

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*Please Note, This Program Is By Application Only*

“Our son, Ryan got accepted to every college he applied. He did personal consultation and the program and finished all of his college essays on time! He found out more about himself from Amy’s writing instruction and felt excited to actually write the essays.”

– Jenny Peshina, Malvern Ohio

Summer Enrichment Programs

Dedicate some time this summer to cultivating your motivated student’s writing capabilities and style. With a focus on mastering the necessary components to persuasive essay writing, your student will develop life-long writing skills to excel throughout the remainder of their educational career—and well into their college admission writing process.

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