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Resources for Student Success

How to Turn The Frustration of the B+ Into Action, Clarity, and an A

Hi everyone! Happy Spring! I know many of your high schoolers either feel refreshed after a relaxing spring break, or if you’re like our school system, your teens are eagerly awaiting that…

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How do I make sense out of this novel?

Help Your Child Spin Difficult Text Into Success  Now what?!? Smart solutions for your child’s reading disasters. Whether your child reads with ease or struggles to make sense of a book, the…

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Competition and Parental Involvement for the Perfect College Application

What Kind of Backseat Driver Are You? By Cathy Markey As your son or daughter settles behind the wheel on the road toward building a high school resume, as parents, it’s our…

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Boost Reading Scores Effective Annotating

5 Highly Effective Tips for Annotating Reading Material You know your son likes to read but fails to earn top grades on simple English class reading quizzes; how can you help him…

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