Teenager Gift Guide: For the Motivated Teen
Are you struggling to shop for your teen this holiday season? Are you looking for fun and exciting gifts that don’t involve video games, clothes that are going to pile up in a closet, or another device?

Look no further! Introducing Total Writing Enrichment’s 2020 Teen Gift Guide. As we prepare for another semester of uncertainty, check out these fun and unique ideas for gifts that will help your teen succeed!

    1. I’ve recommended this book more times than I can count, but it’s just that good! Educated is a memoir, so it is engaging but easy to read. The story follows Tara Westover as she grows up in an isolated household with parents who don’t believe in school. Eventually though, Tara finds her way out of her house and into the world. I love that this book is nonfiction and so recent. It makes the characters so relatable!
    1. 2020 was infamous for increased screen time. Blue light glasses are a great gift for teens who spend lots of time in front of a screen, whether in school, doing homework, or even writing college application essays. 
    1. Water is good for your brain! Having a reusable water bottle at your desk is a great way to stay hydrated, focused, and minimize the distraction of getting up to get a drink. This is a great option for all teens – whether learning in person or online!
  • A 2021 planner 
    1.  A planner is a must for all high school students to stay organized and on top of their school work. For high school juniors especially though, this is a great gift that will eventually help them organize and plan writing college application essays!
    2. Check out this option for pattern loving teens and this option for teens who prefer something more muted! 
  • TWE package
    1. We saved the best for last! Give your teen the gift of killer college application essays, and give yourself the gift of a stress free college application cycle. It’s a win-win! If you are interested in purchasing a Total Writing Enrichment program and receiving a SPECIAL HOLIDAY DISCOUNT, contact us today by emailing amy@totalwritingenrichment.com to set up a consultation call. 

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