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Resources for Student Success

The Secrets to Motivating Your Teens and Success

I’ve been thinking a lot about goal setting, motivation and success, especially with teens and their eventual college admissions. I continue to find this age fascinating as teens still are kids, yet…

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Ring in the New Year with what Really Drives Our 2020 Goals

Happy Lunar New Year! Make 2020 the best year ever as you take time to gain awareness of your thoughts, feelings, actions and results for you and your college bound teen! For…

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Anticipation and Joy this Holiday Season

Do you feel like this weekend is the calm before the holiday storm? I wish the peaceful sense of organization I feel right now would last through the end of December! It’s…

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How to Turn The Frustration of the B+ Into Action, Clarity, and an A

Hi everyone! Happy Spring! I know many of your high schoolers either feel refreshed after a relaxing spring break, or if you’re like our school system, your teens are eagerly awaiting that…

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