The Biggest Secrets to Junior Year and College Planning


Are you feeling lost when it comes to guiding your high school junior on upcoming college applications? Are you unsure when and how to start the actual college application process? 

Last week, we talked about how important 2021 is for high school seniors. While that’s true, 2021 is also a big year for current high school juniors who will submit most of their college applications by the time this year is over. 

Of course, college applications won’t be due until the fall, but now is the time to start preparing! 

Here are 3 steps to take with your high school junior TODAY to make sure you are both prepared for this fall and one huge, important step you can take to ensure greater piece of mind:

  • Start thinking about what your teen wants in a college.
    • Do they like a big school or a small school? Do they want to live far away or near home? Do they want a big city or a college town?
    • Remember to hone in on the academic part too: even if your teen has no idea what he/she wants to major in you can begin to narrow down interests in business, education, general liberal arts so that you gain an understanding of a possible area of academic focus.
  • Explore in person or virtual college campus tours.
    • This year, college tours are going to look a little different because of COVID-19, but that doesn’t mean your teen can’t explore schools they are interested in!
    • If you live within driving distance of a school, try taking a day trip just to drive or walk around campus and the surrounding area to get a taste of the school.
    • Don’t be afraid to try online virtual tours! Most schools have rolled out online tours and information sessions since the start of the pandemic. 
  • Make sure your teen is preparing for their college application essays by reading. It’s the best way to hone writing skills in preparation for application essays!  

There’s no need to cause unnecessary, preliminary college application stress for you or your high school junior this year. Instead, turn your anxieties into action and get ahead of the game in a productive way!

The #1 secret you can take to reducing stress and feeling better organized is to find the balance, with your teen, between healthy, easy flowing conversation and capturing unanswered questions you can revisit another time. The trick is to stay a step ahead of the game, to recognize what areas you need additional help (SAT prep, essay strategy and writing, math tutoring) and to take inspired action. Focus on the solution to any emotional problems that pop up with your teen, write down your thoughts, and create a plan. You can do this 

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Wishing you all a happy and productive week!



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