How to Gain Confidence in Yourself, Releasing Other People’s Limited Perceptions

How to Gain Confidence in Yourself, Releasing Other People’s Limited Perceptions

Hey students! It’s a new school year and that can mean different things to each of us: are you looking forward to being back in a routine? Dreading the course load? Just trying to get through another year? 

I’m here encouraging you to see the opportunity in a fresh start!

The beginning of the school year opens a new time to define yourself and what you spend your time doing. Spending a majority of your time around people who you probably haven’t seen in a couple of months may bring inclinations of judgment but confidence is key in the start of the school year. 

As summer wraps up, remember to release what others think of you and focus on who you want to become; this means colleges, coaches, friends, teachers, and sometimes even parents!

Seniors- as you continue to work on your college applications, remember it is YOU who will attend a new university in under a year. Keeping your own interests at the forefront of your mind during this process, where do you see yourself? I know it is easier said than done, but try to release the “reputation” of a school and what your parents or friends think. 

It is your decision at the end of the day and your process to learn more through, so take advantage of how you want to define yourself to the people reading about you through a screen.  

When returning to school…

  • Consider your skills. What makes you different?
  • Consider what you love/enjoy. This goes for school subjects as well as activities outside of school!
  • How do you like to spend your free time?  Do you play any sports? Do you volunteer with a group?
  • Where does all of this intersect? Find your match and celebrate!!

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