A Step-by-Step Guide to Pre-College Essay Writing

Streamline Your College Application with an Organized RoadMap

Preparing for college applications can feel overwhelming, but with an organized approach and the right tools, you can navigate the process smoothly. 

In this blog post, we’ll walk you through creating a spreadsheet to effectively manage your college admission tasks. We’ll also provide sample college essay topics to inspire your writing! 

Step 1: Set up your college essay spreadsheet

To stay organized, give your spreadsheet a name, such as “College-Application-Tracker” or “College-Essay-Organizer.” Additionally, include relevant words in your column headers, such as:

  • “College Essay Due Dates,” 
  • “Word Count Requirements” 
  • “Essay Prompts”

Step 2: Enter essay topics and  brainstorm ideas

In the “Essay Topic” column, list the specific essay questions for each college application. Additionally, include any ideas that initially pop into your mind. Many times these initial thoughts lead to beautiful essay ideas and responses. 


Step 3: Assign due dates that break down the writing process

In the “Due Date” column, input the deadlines for each essay. To avoid waiting until the last minute, incorporate relevant mini-due dates along the way, like: “topic confirmed” and “first outline” and “rough draft”. These mini-due dates will keep you motivated and less stressed. 

Step 4: Specify word count 

In the “Word Count” column, record the maximum word count or any other specific requirements for each essay. 

Step 5: Add essay prompts and any other instructions

In the “Essay Prompt” column, copy and paste the prompts provided by colleges (yes, many times not released until the fall but usually I find the prompts remain the same as last year!). 

By creating an organized spreadsheet for your college application tasks, you can streamline the process and increase your chances of success. 

Remember, with a well-organized approach and compelling essays, you’ll confidently navigate the college admission journey.


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