5 Ways To Solve Overwhelm for Your Teen in the New Year

It’s finally here. 2020 is over. As we enter the new year though, your teen feeling nervous about the year ahead? 

Feeling anxious at the beginning of a new year is normal, but especially after a year like 2020. There is a lot riding on 2021’s back, especially for high school seniors who, over the course of the next 12 months:

  • will decide where they are going to college
  • graduate high school, move away from home
  • finish their first semester of college. 

With so much to look forward to, it is important to take note of what you can and can’t control this year and passing along this healthy perspecitive to your kids. Spending time worrying about things you can’t control is just a waste of time and energy that can be directed to more productive activities.

Check out this trick to sort through and manage your thoughts:

Make a T-Chart: Use a fresh sheet of paper, a journal, or even a document on your computer or phone.

  • Label the left side of your chart “Things I Can Control” and the right side of your chart “Things I Can’t Control.”
  • Fill in your chart: Start sifting through your thoughts and listing out your thoughts according to your labels.

For example, under “Things I Can Control,” you might write down something like “getting my English project done.” 

Under “Things I Can’t Control,” you might write down “getting into NC State.”

  • Make a plan: Using your two lists, come up with a plan to focus on and accomplish the things you can control. Then, come up with ways to work through those things you can’t control. 

For example, maybe a solution is to go for a long walk to clear your head or to bake a batch of cookies to occupy yourself. 

  • Schedule the action items in your calendar: it’s a sure fire way to ensure they’ll get done! 
  • Execute: The most important step though is to follow through! Make sure you are executing your plans and relying on your chart for support.

2021 is a big year for all of us, but especially for seniors who have a year of excitement ahead!

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Cheers to the end of 2020 and the fresh beginning of 2021!


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