Your Teen Has Been Deferred…Here’s What To Do

eAs college decisions have started to circulate – was your teen deferred from their dream school? Do you and your teen feel stuck as you wait for an answer?

Gain Clarity with College Deferrals and COVID-19:

Many aspects of the college application process have been affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. While schools made changes to their application requirements earlier this year, we are only beginning to see the effects on college admissions now. 

One of the coronavirus pandemic’s biggest impacts on college admissions is an increase in deferrals. There are two main reasons you should expect to see more deferrals this year than usual:

  1. Many students in the class of 2020 deferred their college acceptance and opted to take a gap year. These students, who have already been admitted to their college, have the first guaranteed spots for this year’s admissions leaving fewer spots open for the class of 2021.
  2. Colleges are uncertain, so they are waiting. Colleges are not sure what the next few months will bring with vaccines, regular decision applications, and the financial impact of COVID-19. More students may be deferred not because they aren’t the right fit for a university, but because schools need more time and more information.

Now What?

If your teen was deferred this month, don’t panic! A deferral does NOT mean that your teen is being denied admission or that your teen is not a match for the school, but it does mean that your teen will have to wait a little longer before they get an answer and maybe put in some extra work in the meantime. 

Here are 3 MUST DOs if your senior received a deferral:

  1. Pay attention to all communication from the school. Read every email, every portal update, and every notification. It is important to stay updated on any changes a school is making, especially since everything in the world is changing so quickly nowadays.
  2. Keep up super grades. If your teen can send in a stellar transcript that demonstrates strong senior year grades, especially in the midst of the ongoing pandemic, they are sure to stand out to admissions counselors. Colleges are looking to make sure your senior is still engaged and trying their best.
  3. Write a letter. Reaching out to college admissions offices and counselors can exemplify continued interest and commitment to a school if the college welcomes a letter from you.
    1. Do everything you can to showcase your desire to attend the specific college and alert the admissions personnel of your achievements – especially if you have specific activities and accomplishments since you submitted your original application. 
    2. Writing tip: remember to start your letter with thanking the college for their time in your application. 
    3. Emphasize you feel honored they are still considering you as a candidate and express specifically what makes you an ideal fit for their school. 

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Stay positive and encourage your teen to use this time to quietly contemplate and write down exactly what is wanted in a future college. 

Waiting is the name of the game in 2020.

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