What to Know About Applying to Miami University This Fall

COVID-19 and College Update: How is Miami University’s college admissions process adapting to COVID-19 for the 2020-2021 admissions cycle?

For more information on Miami University admissions, visit their admissions website.

The most important change to the Miami University college application for the 2020-2021 admissions cycle is the switch to a mostly test-optional application. 

Students who will need to submit test scores include:

  1. Home-schooled students
  2. Students wishing to participate in NCAA athletics
  3. Students who attend schools that do not offer grades
  4. Students applying to the nursing program

All other students have the option to submit an SAT or ACT score with their application. Regardless of their decision, all students will be considered for all merit scholarships and honors programs. 

According to the admissions website, “applications without test scores will be evaluated using criteria including GPA, academic rigor, application essays, co-curricular and extracurricular activities, talent, and background, among others.”

What does test-optional mean for your teen?

As we discussed last week, the lack of test scores gives college admissions officers at Miami University one less quantitative measurement of a student’s success putting more weight onto the college admissions essay. 

Admissions counselors are relying on your teen’s essays to get a taste of who your teen is both in and out of the classroom, so it is imperative that your teen’s essays truly reflect their character.

Other Aspects of the Application:

As usual, Miami University will use the Common Application, which opened August 1st. The early action and early decision deadline is December 1st. Students who wish to be considered for honors programs and scholarships should also apply by this deadline. The regular decision deadline is February 1st.

Applicants must submit a recommendation letter with their application from either a school counselor or teacher.

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Happy August! 

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