Top Ten De-Stressing Techniques

As the chilly fall weather cuts through our fleece jackets, as the darkness of winter creeps upon us, we can’t help but notice the dull blue mood that covers our sunshine. Try just one of these top 10 de-stressing techniques to help calm your nerves and temper your stress:

1) Continue to remind yourself that this day will pass and tomorrow is a new day.

2) Be realistic about your expectations. Reduce your disappointment factor.

3) Appreciate yourself. think about the positive things you accomplish each day.

4) Smile! You feel better automatically.

5) Share your worries with a colleague, friend, or family member.

6) Breathe and count to 10. Slowly breathe in for a count of 10 seconds and slowly breath out the same way. Repeat three times.

7) Laugh. Find a friend that cracks you up with cheerful silly laughter; watch your favorite funny movie; just pretend something is funny and you will soon be smiling away.

8) Remind yourself that you have control over your attitude. Your attitude can shape your experience.

9) Spend 20 minutes listening to your favorite music.

10) Get outside for at least 15 minutes: rain, snow, shine, heat, cold will boost your energy, clear your mind, and expand the power of your being.

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