Three Simple Steps to Improve Reading Comprehension

High school has truly begun. Your daughter brings home her English literature class syllabus. You try to restrain your eyes from popping out of your head as you peruse the difficult list of books on the course list.  You quickly see that the classical works of literature she will be required to read will pose much challenge to her this year. How will she survive in this class?   Is it too late for her to really increase her reading fluency? Is she too far removed from learning reading techniques that will improve her understanding of the text? No way. As a matter of fact, this just might be the year that your dear daughter watches with pride as her English class grade soars. How can you help her? Try these three strategies linked to improving reading comprehension.

Encourage your daughter to begin a Reading Journal. She can create a two column table and put the following information the right side of the journal:

1) Jot down vocabulary words she is unfamiliar with and write down the definition.

2) Write questions about the text that cause confusion

3) Write answers to study guide questions the teacher gives.

On the left hand side of the journal, she will write down thoughts and reflections after listening and taking notes in class.

While staying positive, ask to see your daughter’s Reading Journal, and learn to ask critical thinking questions that spark interesting conversation about the text. More on critical thinking later!

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