The Secret to Taking Control of Your Teen’s College Applications

Do you feel out of control when it comes to your rising senior’s college applications? Do you know for certain what the college application process is going to look like in the wake of coronavirus? Are you sure that your teens test scores and grades are enough to carry their application?

I was a good student in high school. I got good grades, did well on standardized tests, and I always had a plan. Despite my extensive preparations though, the summer before senior year I found myself overwhelmed with uncertainty. Were my grades going to be enough? Were my test scores high enough? I was worried about things that I no longer had control over. My junior year transcript was finalized, and I wasn’t taking the ACT again. 

I regained control of my college essays when I channeled all the energy I was using to worry and stress about the things I couldn’t control into writing my essays. And as an added bonus, I wrote them all over the summer, so I was done by the end of August. 

The class of 2021 is facing even more uncertainties than usual. In case you didn’t remember, we happen to be in the midst of a global pandemic. Over the past three months we have lost control of everything we thought was certain, and many of those uncertainties are still lingering. Will students return to their classrooms in the fall? How will grades be affected? How will standardized testing be affected? Are college application requirements going to change?


If no one has told you yet, let me be the first: these are very valid concerns. College is a big deal! Applying to college is a big deal! However, there are ways to regain control even in the midst of so much uncertainty.

When it comes to your teen’s college application, investing in your teen’s essays is a great way to take control, especially as college’s determine what their application process will look like this year. Your teen has full authority over their essays. They have the chance to creatively express their character however they see fit outside of the restraints created by quantitative measures like grades and test scores.

If you are ready to get serious about taking control of your teen’s college applications, check out last week’s blog post about how to get started here. And, parents, don’t miss your chance to get a FREE 15-minute session with Total Writing Enrichment here, so you can learn how to guide your teen and maintain a good relationship through this tricky college admission season.

I’ll see you back here on the blog next Monday for my next post exploring college essays for rising seniors!

Stay happy and healthy, and don’t forget you can still take the reins on your teen’s college applications!

Moira ♥

*Moira Ritter is a junior at Georgetown University and looks forward to contributing her writing skills to Total Writing Enrichment this summer!

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