Thanksgiving Connection with Teens

Do you want to enjoy the holiday season yet feel overwhelmed given this unusual year? What would you give to create a holiday where your family feels calm and connected, especially given the turmoil of 2020?

After a month that felt like a year, the semester that felt like a century, and the year that felt like eternity, the holidays finally arrived.  Consider the soothing way a simple book can balance your chaos and help you connect with your teen (boost reading skills too)! 

Check out 3 great reads for you and your teen to enjoy over through the 2020 holiday season as a way to connect and rest:

 What’s it about?

In a futuristic society, each citizen is assigned a life job. The main character, Jonas, is assigned as the Receiver of Memory and starts to learn about the secrets and flaws of his community. The Giver explores his experience as he grapples with the truth.

 What’s it about?

The series takes place in a dystopian future where society is divided into five factions. The main character, Tris Prior, picks her faction, but finds out she is actually a “Divergent” and will never fit into just one faction. The series follows her story as she uncovers dangerous secrets and tries to save herself and her loved ones. 

 What’s it about?

The Outsiders tells the story of two rival groups of high school students. When a fight between the groups leads to a tragic ending, the main character Ponyboy, is forced to face the consequences and reconsider his view of the world.

Stay tuned for the next few weeks as we continue sharing ways to stay connected and engaged this holiday season!

You know the number one way to boost standardized test scores for college admissions, (like the SAT and ACT) equals reading; specifically, for vocabulary and reading comprehension, and the number one way to help your kids become excellent writers, so why not promote a healthy reading schedule and grab a book yourself?!  

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Enjoy your Thanksgiving, and take advantage of the time to rest and connect!


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