5 Easy Reading Tips to Help Boost Your Teen’s Grades
  • Remove distractions.
    • It’s easy to get diverted from your task when you’re surrounded by devices! Avoid getting sucked into the internet by reading in an area away from your phone, computer, or TV.
  • Annotate while you read. Highlight! Make notes!
    • Highlighting powerful passages or making notes on plot, themes, or characters in the margins of your book can insure that you are reading attentively.
  • Keep in mind themes and motifs.
    • Before you read a book, talk to your teacher or check the internet for the themes of a book. Then, use that information while you read. It can help you keep an eye out for what’s important!
  • Look up unfamiliar words or allusions.
    • If you’re confused and can’t figure out the meaning of a word from context, look it up! You might be surprised at the wealth of information one word can offer. Additionally, if you’re reading an older book, use the Oxford English Dictionary. Some words might have meant something different a few hundred years ago.
  • Discuss what you are reading!
    • Talking about the book you’re reading can be the best way to not only process what you’ve read but also to enjoy it! Talk to your teacher, your friends, or your classmates about interesting things in the novel. Discussion is a great way to enhance your reading experience.

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