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College applications and college essays lurk right around the corner for a lot of juniors out there and parents are asking, “How do we feel more organized about what the application process even entails?” “How can we ensure our teen meets the college application deadlines this coming fall?” or, “What can we be doing now to meet those deadlines and do the best possible with college applications?”


For example, one mom friend commented to me, “I know my junior has a lot of work to do for college applications, but she still has a ton of current school work before she finishes the end of junior year, but what can we do now for staying organized and managing the amount of writing she will have to do this summer with the college essays?”

The College Essay Organizer will give you clarity and help you take action so that you and your college bound teen feel empowered in these areas for college applications:

  • Determine the number of colleges your son or daughter will apply to this upcoming college admissions season.
  • Categorize colleges into “safety schools,” “moderate stretch,” or “major stretch,” regarding level of difficulty for acceptance.
  • Confirm the number of essays your son or daughter will write to complete their college applications. (Wheareas some kids will write 2-3 essays, others will write 23! essays)

We know the supplemental essay questions won’t be released for a while (until August for many colleges), but you can go back to last year’s applications to get an idea of how many essays the college will apply to and the type of question.

Now is the best time to sort out this preliminary information so your teen can gauge how much time will be needed to actually brainstorm ideas, write drafts, and complete the essay writing portions of the college applications.

Then create a plan for when your teen will want to complete the writing portion:

  • Does your teen need to complete the essays by the time senior year starts in the fall?
  • Do you want the common app done by the 4th of July?

First, your teen will get an idea of the scope of the college essay writing project as a whole and then he/she will create a plan to finishing each one and feel great!

Thanks so much and please stay tuned for more essay writing tips.

If you have any questions, please message me on Facebook or send me an email:

Bye for now!


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