Boost Reading Scores Effective Annotating

5 Highly Effective Tips for Annotating Reading Material

You know your son likes to read but fails to earn top grades on simple English class reading quizzes; how can you help him turn his genuine interest into better performance? Read on for some easy to use helpful reading tips!

While reading:

  1. Summarize every paragraph or every chapter and write brief notes in the margins or in a notebook.
  2.  Define vocabulary words – write down the definition. This will improve your understanding of the reading and increase your vocabulary.
  3. Mark “?” for questions or sentences you do not comprehend, then talk to your teacher or a trusted classmate about your questions.
  4. Write “I” for Interesting if an idea strikes you as unique or meaningful, then use this point in your class discussion.
  5. Discuss and casually talk about the reading material to confirm your understanding.

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