5 Steps to Take If You’ve Been Deferred from Your Dream College

Deferred from you Dream College? We have writing advice for you to increase your chances of college acceptance!

Although deferral can feel a bit like limbo– sometimes all you can do is sit back and wait. However, while you are waiting for that release date, help improve your college admissions file more impressive by following these steps.

Below are five steps to make your deferral response shine if you chose to write a letter to the college:

  1. Stay positive. Avoid making any implications that the admissions officers have made a mistake. Don’t let any frustration with your deferral slip into your writing– this will likely not work in your favor.
  2. Be specific. You don’t want this to sound like it’s just another letter you’re sending off– specifically mention why you’re still interested in that school. Research the school and demonstrate that you know your stuff.
  3. Inform. If you have any new information to give to the school, such as awards, scores, or extracurriculars, mention those in your letter.
  4. Check your work. You don’t want your last appeal to a college to be riddled with grammar mistakes!
  5. Keep it simple. College admissions officers are busy. Don’t send an unnecessarily long or complicated letter that will take up an officer’s time and possibly work against you.

But Wait! Before you send off that college admissions deferral letter, make sure the college admissions committee encourages these letters! Sometimes, if you don’t have new information to add, schools discourage students from sending these– their admissions officers just don’t have the time.

As always, do your research on the college admissions procedures regarding deferral letters! A deferral letter can sometimes make all the difference towards your college admissions decisions – and let’s go for the ACCEPTED!!

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