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“Start where you are. Use what you have. Do what you can.” – Arthur Ashe

Parents, are you still feeling uncertain and overwhelmed by the fast changing news surrounding college admissions amid coronavirus?

Although I vividly remember the stress of college applications from my senior year of high school, luckily there was not a global pandemic at the same time. Parents of rising seniors, as your teen prepares to begin applying to colleges, you are no doubt going to experience a unique kind of stress as you juggle the chaos of your teen with the uncertainty of COVID-19. We want to provide as much information on these admissions updates and changes as we can, specifically for the most popular colleges among our students at Total Enrichment. This week, we’ll feature the University of Georgia.

According to a blog post on the UGA admissions website, admissions officers are looking for not just straight A students, but students who have shown hard work in their academic success and have passions outside of the classroom.

A few things the University of Georgia will look for in essays:

  1. Has your teen made a difference? “When we are reading files, we are trying to understand who you are, but just as importantly how you impact the world you live in.”
  2. What is your teen passionate about? When we read files, we want to see what you are passionate about, and how you have chosen to be involved in the things you love. This covers both academic and personal interests, as we want to see you grow in these areas at UGA.”
  3. What big actions has your teen taken?“We are looking at not only what you tell us you want to do, but also what you have actually put into action. Admissions is more about show than tell, and we want to see how you have taken steps to grow and learn.”
  4. What is your teen’s character? “In our review of admissions files, we want to see not only what you are like as a student and as a person, but how you impact the people around you”

Keep these pointers in mind as your teen thinks about starting essays!

Has your teen already started writing their essays? If so, make sure that they’re using sensory details in their writing! Fun fact: sense of sight most overused in writing, but our sense of smell is actually the strongest. 

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*Moira Ritter is a junior at Georgetown University and looks forward to contributing her writing skills to Total Writing Enrichment this summer!

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