Top 3 College Essay Questions Answered


Top 3 College Essay Questions Answered

Summer is almost here, and many parents of juniors find themselves worried about upcoming college application due dates for their teens. 

From SAT/ACT tests, teacher recommendations and college essay writing, parents want to know the best steps to ensure not only college acceptance but the degree to which they can serve as their teen’s ally instead of enemy. 

After helping guide over 200 motivated, high school seniors in the past three years with their college application essays and English class essays, and after talking to many parents about their fears and dreams with college admissions, I bottled up the most relevant questions I receive from parents so that you can quickly learn, create a plan, and feel better organized to best help your teen coast through college applications this summer and fall. 

Read these questions and answers so that you can:

  • Learn how my team and I can help your rising senior with college essay writing
  • Gain a better understanding of the next steps with college applications
  • Feel more in control about navigating the college application process
  • Maintain a more harmonious relationship with your teen

Here are the top 3 questions with answers parents ask me about how to effectively approach the upcoming college application process, with specific attention to timelines and college admissions essays:

1. When should my teen be writing their college admission essay?

Answer: If possible, shortly after junior year ends, in most cases. Especially if your son or daughter participates in a fall sport, school play, or a job, completing the common app essay plus having a plan in place for the shorter supplemental essays remains ideal for seniors. School and work responsibilities, in addition to applying to schools, can easily become overwhelming in the fall. 

2. How will my teen enhance their college application with their essays?

Answer: Yes, we get this question a lot; your teen has led a fairly balaced, non-dramatic life. How will they stand out to colleges?

One of the first responses I give parents centers on something like, “Yes, I understand; however, your teen survived middle school, is working through high school, and proves quite successful so far in life – so, what traits got them there?” 

But, what if they have experienced serious drama or hardship, then they wonder to what extent do they share such information with the colleges? Each student is unique and our essay writing program helps students create a strategy and plan about the best topics to help reflect the best of their personality. 

3. How can I motivate my teen to write?

Answer: Usually, when a parent confides in me about their teen’s dislike for writing, I try to get “under the under” and look for more information. For example, is it the writing the student dislikes or is there a lack of understanding with the literature? Sometimes this response varies, based on the student, and the bottom line is to try to establish a connection between the student and the topic of the writing assignment.

The good news is that the college admission essay topics are usually all about the student! Our program teaches a successful strategy that helps break down the process of writing about themselves. 

As you and your teen prepare to enter college application season next fall, don’t hesitate to reach out for more information, or help along the way. Contact our team of experts with any additional questions you have, and, in the meantime, bask in the sweet summer moments that serve as a slight reprieve before another school year begins.

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