The Thrill of Winter: Writing Prompts for Kids

snowflakesdownloadCreative Winter Memories: Can you tell a story about your favorite parts of winter? Can you write about a problem you’ve experienced in the wintertime? What exciting events happened to you while braving the cold?

1) List five specific things you like to do outside in the cold. 

2) List three problems you have ever had in the winter time.

3) Start writing your story. What do you want to show about you, winter, and any kind of conflict? Did you have to fight through a blizzard while walking home from a friend’s house? Or, can you write about how you felt trapped inside your house because the weather was too cold or too dangerous to go outside?

4) Your story should show the events that took place involving you and the winter weather, a possible problem that occurred, and how you and your friend or family overcame the problem – what, ultimately, did you learn about yourself?

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