The Secret to Impressing College Admissions Essay Readers

Writing papers in school is never easy, but if your teen is writing for an English class, there is an advantage because the teacher knows your teen outside of the paper. When writing for college admissions though, a college essay reader who knows nothing about your teen will be reading the college admissions essay trying to get to know them personally.

Last week, we discussed why it is important that your teen write a memorable essay for college admissions counselors to gain college acceptance. 

But what exactly do admissions counselors want to see from your senior’s essay?

  1. A excellent sample of writing that demonstrates clear thinking and mastery of skills.
  2. An authentic response to the prompt (from the student’s own point of view!).
  3. A clear indication of the level in which students can express themselves in writing thoughtfully and logically.

While we can’t tell you exactly what each individual college admissions counselor is looking for when reading admissions essays, an authentic response to the prompt, and a thoughtful and logical written expression of their thoughts, are must-haves for your teen’s college application essay.

The college application essay should provide admissions counselors with a clear look into your teen’s life and writing abilities. 

This year more than ever, with many schools opting for test optional policies, the admissions essay is an imperative aspect of the college application to showcase to colleges that your teen is the right fit.  

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 *Moira Ritter is a junior at Georgetown University and looks forward to contributing her writing skills to Total Writing Enrichment this summer!




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