The Key to Crossing the College Application Essay Finish Line

It’s been a long year. We have all suffered to some degree from the COVID-19 pandemic. Some of us have had to adjust to e-learning. Some of us have had to miss out on milestones. Whatever your situation, 2020 hasn’t always been kind. 

For you and your senior, this semester has likely been especially difficult. Juggling academics and extracurricular activities in a normal school year is not easy, so when you throw in college applications and a global pandemic, things get even more challenging.

However, as we enter the month of November, how can you turn your stress into gratitude? 

As we near the end (finally) of the semester, of the college application season, and of 2020, it is more important than ever to stay grounded, present, and grateful, even for the little things. The only way to cross the finish line is to stay positive and thankful.

Wondering how you can turn your internal noise into a symphony of thanks or help your teen turn their pain points into gratitude? Try some small mindset shifts like the three examples below.

  • Negative thought: “I’m lazy. I must be one of the only seniors not finished with my college applications.” 
    • Positive thought: “At least I’ve been thinking about getting started, and now I’ll start to take tiny action steps.” 
  • Negative thought: “I have no idea how to write these types of essays and I feel so much pressure.”
    • Positive thought: “I can try to write this Common Application essay because the main subject is me, and I know myself. Once I begin, I’ll write for 15 minutes each day.” 
  • Negative thought: “I don’t even know where I want to go to college, and my test scores really are not that great,”
    • Positive thought: “I can make a list, put stars next to the colleges I think I like, and do some online research. If I also talk to friends or other college students and read online reviews, I can move closer to getting to know a college.” 

Bit by bit, day by day, you gain awareness of your situation, and create space to look at how to help teenagers face their fears, build strength, and grapple with the pressure to achieve — on the road to college and beyond.

And most importantly for your own happiness, remember to give thanks for how far you’ve come in this journey. 

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Remember to take care of yourself and to stay positive! 


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