Ring in the New Year with what Really Drives Our 2020 Goals

Happy Lunar New Year!

Make 2020 the best year ever as you take time to gain awareness of your thoughts, feelings, actions and results for you and your college bound teen!

For those of you who have spent the last week shuffling through the holidays, I know exactly how you feel as I loved the time with my 86 year old dad and my amazing sister in Asheville, NC, (especially horseback riding in the mountains!) and I enjoyed relaxing with my husband’s loving family in Atlanta; but, now we all feel a bit drained and tired yet still hopeful as we ring in the new year.

Before you set your goals for 2020, before you write down your To Do list for your teen, (for me, revamping my College Admission Essay Writing Course and my High School Writing Course and swimming in my upcoming Masters Swim meet), what if we took the time to first confirm who we want to be? What if we took the time to focus on who your darling teenager grows to be? And, what if we took the time to create space to recognize the power of our thoughts as we help shape our 2020 goals – for ourselves and our teenagers, especially regarding college admissions?

For example, if you want to lose 15 pounds over the next six months, who do you need to be in order to eat healthy foods and work out your body on a consistent basis? Do your thoughts reflect a mom who takes seriously her workout schedule (and sticks to it!?)? Or, do you tell yourself you are a middle-aged woman who feels like she “just doesn’t have the time to work out more than once a week”? With whom do you need to identify to say, “I am” in order for you to feel really good about taking action and achieving results?

As a parent of a teenager, perhaps it would be worth considering if your high school student wants to attend an elite or highly competitive college, who does he/she need to be in order to achieve the results that gain admission to the colleges? A student who carves out extra time on the weekends to study? A student who seeks help from the teacher in areas causing confusion? What 2020 goals does your teen hold for him/her self and what thoughts, feelings, and actions need to take place in order to achieve academic success?

As a mother of four active children, as a former high school and college teacher who believes in quality education for all children, as an adult daughter of a mother who died of breast cancer who therefore tries to put physical and mental health as a top priority, the following thoughts shape my daily actions and results – yes, I need a lot of improvement in 2020 but the ways I identify myself drive my 2020 goals. As you read my personal examples, please think about how can you fit in the way you create a sense of identity and how can you set goals to reach who you want to be in 2020?

1) A teacher and business woman. 

Goal  #1 = Serve more college bound teens (and their parents whom I love), through collaborating with schools, businesses, sports teams so that teens feel happier as they learn the essentials for writing and gain acceptance to college!

2) An athlete seeking balance in life.

Goal #2 – Swim 3-4x/week and Swim the IM in my upcoming Masters Swim Meet. Run 2x/ week. Be outside. Sleep 7.5 hours/night. Laugh as much as possible with people who make me smile and feel good.

3) A friendly, professional, loving, energetic person who loves to help others. 

Goal #3 – Add value to the parents and teen who need it most by posting amazing content on social media and my blog (get ready for more fun, (funny!) helpful videos!

What is your story? What are the thoughts you create about yourself, your teen, your futures and how do these thoughts motivate your actions each day? Who do you want to be and as we think ahead of your teen’s college education, who does your son or daughter want to be? Yes, it sure is tricky to create space for these thoughts but with greater clarity comes stronger focus and happier results.

Make 2020 the year you see yourself as you want to be. And take action to achieve what is possible.

In all your decisions let wisdom be
For your success, you hold the key.

Happy New Year!



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