Parents of Juniors! In Times of Uncertainty: Start College Applications!

How-to get a Jump Start on College Applications with So Much Time at Home! 

Total Writing EnrichmentLet’s encourage our juniors, during this time of uncertainty, when the whole world is turned somewhat upside down, to use this time to their advantage and move ahead with their college applications. Small steps every day will inspire and motivate them to finish their school work and to feel happy about moving forward in life.  

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Last week, my friend Ryan Clark of Clark College Consultants graciously gave me the opportunity to share my tips and secrets on what juniors can do now, during this time of uncertainty, with prepping for college admissions, especially the college admissions essays on a fun webcast. I’ve captured the tips and secrets and boiled them down to give to you!  

Please share these steps with your juniors so that they can begin to take action towards pre-college admission – they will feel great about moving forward with their life as it seems to have come to a stand still in so many ways!

  1. Research the Number of Colleges – confirm how many colleges you will apply to in the fall 2020. Simple. Start your Google spreadsheet or Excel spreadsheet. 
  2. Research the Number of Essays – which of your colleges require the one, main Common App Essay? How many other essays do your colleges require (shorter than the Common App). Add to your spreadsheet. 
  3. Delve further Into College Research – find, if possible, the actual essay questions required from your colleges last year. Read them. Get an idea of what your college values through their essay questions. 
  4. Google, “College Admission Essay Examples,” and take your pick of reading through previous student essays out there.
    • Some will stink, and some will have bits and pieces you like and admire, and some will be awesome. You are not copying anything but I want you to study what made these essays good and bad.
    • I will talk about this later in the week but you can certainly see what is out there regarding good and challenging college admission essays! 
  5. Start thinking about yourself and your own characteristics. What three things do you like about yourself that show you will succeed in college? Resiliency? Curiosity? Goal-orientated? Good communicator? Write those down! 

By taking the time now to complete this pre-college application research and to start jotting down the facts – like how many essays you will need to write, you will happily begin to feel motivated and organized once the pressure cooker time arrives to actually complete your college applications. 

As A.A. Milne, author of Winnie the Pooh once noted:  Organizing is what you do before you do something, so that when you do it, it is not all mixed up,” and the last thing you want, is a mixed up college application! 

Stay healthy and stay safe.

Amy ♥

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