How to Write the Diversity Supplemental Essay Without Feeling Insecure?

Is your senior struggling to write an essay about diversity for their college application?

In last week’s blog post, we started breaking down the supplemental essays for a few of our clients’ most popular colleges. This week we’re taking a look at NC State University and the diversity essay.

On top of the Common App, NC State requires two supplemental essays for all applicants. The 2020 supplemental essays are: 

  1. Discuss your reasons for pursuing the Major/Academic Programs selected above? (250 words)
  2. Prompt 2: NC State University is committed to building a just and inclusive community, one that does not tolerate unjust or inhumane treatment, and that denounces it, clearly and loudly. Please describe what those words mean to you and how you will contribute to a more diverse and inclusive NC State environment. (250 words)

Applicants are required to answer both essay questions. Again, the ultimate goal of the supplemental essays is to share further insight into the most unique and positive values and character traits in your senior’s life. 

The supplemental essays should highlight the parts of your teen’s personality that are not as visible in their grades or test scores or that your senior wants to explain at a deeper level from the Common App essay

Prompt 2: The Diversity Essay

The goal of the diversity essay is to highlight your teen’s personal values and demonstrate how those values align with NC State’s values. From the prompt, we can see that NC State values inclusive community and just and humane treatment. Your teen’s essay should reflect how he/she prioritizes these values in everyday life. 

If your teen has an explicit experience with diversity they’d like to share, sharing a personal experience is a great option. Make sure that your senior draws a connection between the experience in the essay and NC State’s values. 

Many teens have difficulty trying to write about exactly how they showcase diversity in their life, in school, and in extracurricular activities; however, if they take time use creativity, they can craft a cohesive, well written response. If this is the case, encourage your teen to think about how he/she has tried to foster a sense of inclusion in life. 

Here are some places your teen may have experienced diversity and/or gotten the opportunity to promote inclusion:

  • A sports team
  • A club at school
  • In class at school
  • A summer job

If your teen is still struggling, think about how your teen will benefit NC state’s emphasis on diversity and inclusion. How will going to NC State define your teen’s understanding of diversity and inclusion? How will your teen embrace diversity at NC State?

These guiding questions and ideas will help your teen write a killer supplemental essay for the NC State college application.

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