Gamechanging Steps That Will Take Your Teen’s College Essay to the Next Level

Is your teen getting ready to finish up the Common App essay or supplemental essays for the college admissions application?

Before your teen can hit the submit button on college application essays, it is crucial that he/she takes the time to proofread each essay. Although your teen likely spent hours and hours over several weeks writing essays, it is still imperative to proofread all writing before officially turning into the colleges.

Here are 3 TIPS for your teen to ensure successful and efficient proofreading to win at college acceptance and scholarships without you having to do any heavy lifting!

3 Essential Proofreading Tips for College Application Essays ASIDE from spelling, grammar, and punctuation: 

  • Grabs the reader’s attention from the first sentence – make sure the essay starts with a hook that will immediately engage readers. Try using details, dialogue, or a specific scene to open the essay.


  • Passes the 1st Sentence Test – the first sentence of each paragraph should move the essay forward. Try reading each first sentence out loud to confirm. This sentence needs to include clear, specific language and reveal an important point that will be further explained in the upcoming paragraph.


  • Includes sensory detail if applicable (sight, smell, sound, taste, touch) – Get creative! Try to use sensory details about smell or taste instead of just sight and sound. Remember: bring your reader into your story and show the emotional you felt or the conflict that occurred with sensory detail. 


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Happy October!


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