E-Learning Losses Among Students Revealed in Stanford Study

If you find yourself curious, concerned, and worried about the effects of e-learning on your child’s educational experience, you are not alone. With awareness of issues you are becoming more knowledgeable about how you can ultimately help your child learn despite these uncertain times.

E-Learning Losses:

A new study from Stanford University’s Center for Research on Education Outcomes found that on average in the 2019-2020 academic year alone, students lost nearly an entire year of learning in reading and math. These losses on their own could take years to recover. 

Factoring in any academic changes that students face this year only adds to the losses and increases the time needed to make up for the impacts of virtual, distanced learning. 

What Does This Mean for Your Teen’s College Application Essay?

The switch to e-learning will have lasting effects. Although some of these effects may not be visible for years to come, for high school students, these effects will no doubt show up when it comes time to write college application essays. 

What does Amy, founder of TWE and former high school English teacher, think about the future of education, especially in high school and especially with college admission requirements?

As a parent, former teacher, and now education specialist for college admission strategy and essay writing, I find myself questioning the quality of education for students as we remain in the world of online education. No one is to blame, yet measures need to be taken to maintain a rigor of curriculum, teaching methodologies, and student-instructor connection so that teens remain engaged, complete required assignments, and move forward with specific assignments to build skills and meet educational standards for success. 

I do not doubt the good will and intention of teachers, students, and parents at all, but I find myself concerned for the students’ ability to learn and the teaching methodologies that once connected students and teachers and eased learning to becoming obsolete if we transition even more to an online platform without specific practices in place to ensure high quality educational standards are being met. 

This study, by Stanford University sheds light on the number of hours of classroom instruction lost since the pandemic began and brings to question the widening gap between knowledge, critical thinking, and efforts needed to close that gap in the near future. 

Parents, especially those of teens and college bound, motivated teens, remain equally as concerned (if not more!) about the knowledge base needed for success in college. With so many teens not receiving the level of attention needed in content areas ranging from math to science to reading and writing, I feel the urge to help as many students as possible close the gap, feel reassured with the future of education, and secure for college prep. 

What does Moira, writing specialist at TWE and college junior, think?

I learned a lot about writing for my college application essays, especially my personal essay, from the English classes I took in high school. My school has been completely virtual since last March, and I can already feel the effects on my academic performance and ability to learn and retain new information. I have no doubt that e-learning would have impacted the way I learned how to write a college application essay, and the way I eventually wrote my college application essays. For high schoolers now who have missed out on half a semester, a whole semester, or more, of in person learning, there will definitely need to be some kind of supplement to ensure fantastic college application essays. 

How Can Total Writing Enrichment Help With Your Teen’s College Application Essay?

Stay tuned for next week’s post where we will be sharing how and why our program is the best way to help your high schooler recover from virtual learning. 

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