Chilly Dark Weather: Warm Bright Writing

Whereas many people want to improve their writing skills, very few take the time to do so. What writing activities do you or your teens practice? What specific steps do you employ to improve your writing skills? As winter moves in to our lives and cold weather keeps us inside, what can you do with the extra time indoors? Practice Writing! Practice use of detail, organization, and verb choice?

Here are two writing prompts to practice and three writing skills to aim for while putting pen to paper:

1) Pretend your family just moved to the North Pole and you must survive living in an igloo. Describe your living conditions and explain what you must do to ensure a healthy new lifestyle.

2) For the holidays this year, you want strive to be a nicer person. You want to extend true, sincere kindness to others. What action will you take on a daily basis and how will you know your efforts warm the hearts of others?

Writing Skills:

1. Detail: bring in the use of your five senses to add vivid images and crisp description to your writing

2. Organization: structure your writing so it shows purpose

3. Verb Choice: good writing shines with strong action verbs; swap out passive, sleepy verbs with verbs that grab your readers interest.

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