Beat Stress During Final Exams: Study with Friends!

We all know the power of collaboration and the comfort of tackling difficult tasks with good company. But as parents, we feel concerned when we question whether our teens are making the best choices when it comes to their grades, classes, and study skills.

Does it actually pay off when your teen joins forces with friends to study for final exams?

Well, the answer is yes! But, as long as the focus is on studying with friends to gain support, not turning the time into a social event. Make sure work is done before socializing and keep a healthy balance.

5 helpful tips to help maximize your teen’s effectiveness for final exams study, with a buddy:

– Quiz each other help to reinforce important ideas
– Question one another to further enhance your understanding of a theme
– Exchange ideas and take advantage of other’s thoughts to benefit your knowledge on a topic
– Compare and contrast notes
– Take breaks together: exercise as well as laughter goes a long way to relieve your mind and help focus!

Before long, your final exams will be over and you can relax and set some goals for the new semester ahead!

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