7 Steps to Highly Effective Annotations

Reading, understanding a text, and writing an essay can all become easier if you take the time to annotate your text. What does it actually mean to Read and Annotate?

Here are seven easy steps that will help you fill the pages of your book with valuable notes:

1) What is the literal setting of the story? What possible meaning can you infer about the setting?

2) Who are the main characters? What are the traits the author conveys about the characters? How could the physical description of each character possibly relate to personality, attitude, personal conflicts?

3) What questions do you have about the text? Does anything confuse you? Write these questions down!

4) What are the conflicts in the story? Man versus man? man versus self? Man versus nature?

5) How are the conflicts resolved? Does the author offer a solution?

6) Do you like a character? Feel sorry for a character? Write this down! Any change or growth with the character?

7) Why did the author write this story?  What conclusions does the author make about humankind? About society?

Remember, making connections with a text while you read will only help increase your reading comprehension and can greatly help you recall detail and meaning while writing your essays.

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