6 Things To Gift Your Teen for the Holiday

6 Things To Gift Your Teen for the Holidays

Remember when Christmas shopping for your kid was as easy as picking up a firetruck or the latest Disney movie playset? Somehow, over the years, selecting the perfect gift has become much more difficult. 

If you don’t want to gift clothes you think your teen will like (but, because you picked them, doesn’t) or yet another video game console, check this list of unique and fun gifts the Total Writing Enrichment team has put together. We kept in mind what we know about the teens we work with every day, and chose gifts we know they will not only use, but will help them succeed.

1 – New NonFiction Books Your Teen Will Connect With

The War of Art by Steven Pressfield – This book explores what it is that causes resistance when you work to express yourself creatively.

College Admissions Simplified by Charlotte Klaar – Written by a stellar college consultant, this helpful book explains all the need-to-knows of the college application process.

2 – Blackwing Matte Pencils

Do you ever find that fancy new writing utensils make you actually want to write? Check these out – they are fun, unique, super cool and my personal favorite pencil.

3 – AquaNotes

The best ideas ALWAYS come while taking a shower. You aren’t thinking about it, you’re relaxed and – bam! – you know exactly how to tackle that next writing piece. This is why I love AquaNotes. It’s essentially a waterproof notepad that sticks to your shower. Who knows – maybe your teen’s next literary masterpiece will be written completely in the shower (and you’ll finally have a reason they spend hours in there).

4 – A Five-Year Journal

The idea of daily journaling might be too overwhelming for a young person to even begin. Enter the Five Year Journal. For a five-year timespan, your teen enters just one line each day. At the end of that time, they have a book of memories they can look back on for years to come. Bonus: it’s been voted a best-seller for kids!

5 – What It Is by Lynda Barry

This unique book of expression and creativity, by cartoonist and author Lynda Barry, offers a way to visually teach kids to write and express their ideas. It is ideal for honing English class essay-writing skills!

6 – Personalized Writing Help from TWE Team

Through the specialized services we offer, your teen receives confidence in writing, improved skills, and a killer college essay. You receive a less overwhelming college application process and school year. Click here to see the programs currently available to your teen.

As you sift through ideas for this year’s holiday, I hope you find that perfect something you are looking for. And, as always, our team is just a phone call away

Happy Holidays from Total Writing Enrichment!

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