3 Reasons To Begin College Admissions Work Now!

Imagine what it would be like if you could wave your magic wand and hear your rising senior proudly comment to you, “Mom, I know exactly what I need to do for my college applications!” And then, you notice a simple yet effective list of things on your teen’s neatly organized lap top: from application due dates to expectations of essay writing for each college. Pop! Day dream over!

Or, can you make that vision a reality for your child? Can you help your teen see the benefits of planning the steps to take for the upcoming college admissions process?

As you start thinking about your rising senior’s college applications, you probably already know the attention to detail, diligence, and information required to sail through this challenging time in your teen’s life.

Wouldn’t it be amazing if your teen agreed with your dream of pre-college application organization? Well, let’s turn that dream into a reality!

Here are three important steps to help your rising senior get a jump start on her college applications!

  • Clarify your big picture: how many colleges actually appear on your child’s list and mark down in your calendar the due dates for each college application.
  • Research how many essays will be required in total. (I once had a student write 27 different essays, of varying length for college applications!!)
  • Gather materials needed to complete applications: a resume (or list of activities), as well as reference letters from teachers, coaches, mentors (first, need to kindly ask for these letters of rec.!). Stay a Step Ahead.

This spring and early summer, your goals should take advantage of optimizing the time you have to create your best applications possible. I think you’ll agree, that right now, time is on your side. Wave your magic wand, start now, and feel the benefits of staying organized, in control, and confident as you move forward to another exciting life transition!

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