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A detailed description of all of our fabulous writing programs and services for your teen:


Junior High Writing Enrichment: Your junior high student will enrich critical thinking and writing skills through this effective program in multiple genres of writing. Your teen will receive lessons that teach the basic building blocks of both creative and analytical writing through practical writing lessons enhanced with friendly audio guided teaching and well-crafted assignments.

English Prep: High School Writing Enrichment for College Bound Students: Your rising freshman or sophomore will receive the best writing skill development so that he/she succeeds in high school English class and builds life long writing skills. This program is best suited for motivated teens who know they want to improve their writing but do not want to sit down with an English teacher but work on their own time. From mastering the components that create an effective persuasive essay to the skills that make up an amazing personal statement, you can rest assured that your teen's learning and development will sky rocket.

English Teacher in Your Backpack! This unique, one-of-a kind program offers continual support for freshman through seniors who want instruction, guidance, and positive encouragement on all English class assignments. Your teen will thrive from knowing that he/she can always reach out to one of our writing instructors to receive help on any essays and work at his/her own pace. Teens LOVE this program because they are not limited to a specific time each week with a tutor because as we all know, writing reflects our thinking and is therefore an ongoing process, with this program, your teen will benefit from knowing that any question he/she has regarding thesis statement generation, writing introductions, conclusions, and everything in between will be answered so that their writing grows and they succeed in English class. CLICK HERE for more information.

College Essay Writing Roadmap 101: Give your college bound teen the best instruction on how to organize college admission essay writing, what to include in these essays to create amazing college admissions essays so that you teen gains acceptance to the college of their dreams. The information in this program is essential to teaching your teen the most effective strategies (including what NOT to write about!) and writing techniques to extract the BEST of their skills and communicate through writing so that the colleges want to offer an acceptance letter!

Complete Your College Admission Essay Deluxe: Seniors (some juniors too!) thrive in our best selling program as they receive the ultimate instruction, live support, written feedback, and every tool needed to write and finish all college admission essays. The guidance and attention to detail combined with timely communication gives the most effective sense of confidence and accomplishment as the teens not only finish their college essays but produce the most amazing pieces of writing of their lives. Literally. We've been told so by many wonderful seniors now happily in college.

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