3 Reading Skills to Improve This Summer

How can you enhance your reading skills this summer? Here are three reading tips for you:

1) Zip through a light popular fun book: increase your pace, push your eyes past tiny words like “a” “the” “as” and look for words with more meaning.

2) Reread a challenging piece of literature from last year; focus on character development, conflict, and resolution of the book you might have missed over the busy school year.

3) Expand your reading interests: pick up a type of book you usually do not like. Has British lit scared you in the past? How about grabbing Wuthering Heights by Emily Brontee and reading it this summer? Has science fiction caused you to crinkle your nose? You could try the famous Martian Chronicles by Ray Bradbury to warm you up to this genre.

The more you push your reading rate and expand your reading interests, the more your speed and comprehension will grow.

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